Dark Tide

First few sessions

This is a bullet-pointed summary of the beginning of our heroes’ tale.

Resting in what could barely be described as a village, far enough away from the ongoing wars yet so far out that little civilization existed, broke and without prospects, the party sought opportunities as it could.

A human sorcerer, Corean, approached the party with an offer to lead them to treasure in exchange for escort to a wizard’s tower said to house the secret of immortality. Accepting, the party set out towards the south towards the Amedio where

1) They were ambushed by two feline predators who spoke in human tongue.
2) They avoided flocks of stirges.
3) They were ambushed by a rival mage to Corean, Vortigern the Necromancer, as well as his Imp familiar and two half-orc warriors.
4) They encountered an ancient mound where they began delving its depths and released a bulette from its slumber.
5) They parleyed with two deer claiming to represent the spirit of the forest who needed the party to kill a diseased owlbear wrecking havoc in the land.
6) They rested an inn which was an ancient dwarvish battlewagon that had long ago fallen from a cliff and hung suspended in the air by the forest below.
7) They entered the tower, actually a lighthouse, where they encountered flying spiders, gold-gilted skeletal undead, and an evil three-eyed hag. They barely escaped the tower collapsing when they again encountered Vortigern’s crew.
8) Returning to the inn, they met a sojourner dwarf seeking clues to his ancestral home. He requested they escort him to the lighthouse.
9) From there they began their trek westward where they encountered an injured unicorn and a goblin band with a cosmic deck of cards.
10) Upon drawing on the cards, the party suffered much malignment but were eventually teleported to the lost dwarven mine, barely escaping a powerful demon lord.
11) There they encountered ghostly skeletal dwarves who drifted in and out of the stone.


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