A bulette is a massive predator that terrorizes any lands it inhabits. Also¬∑called a “land shark,” it lives only to feed. Irascible and rapacious, bulettes fear no other creature, and they attack with no regard for superior numbers or strength.


Underground Hunters

Bulettes use their powerful claws to tunnel through the earth when they hunt. Heedless of obstruction, they uproot trees, cause landslides in loose slopes, and leave sinkholes behind them. When vibrations in the soil and rock alert a bulette to movement, it shoots to the surface, its jaws spread wide as it attacks.

Wandering Monster

A bulette ranges across temperate lands, feeding on any animals and humanoids it comes across. These creatures dislike dwarf and elf flesh, although they often kill them before realizing what they are. A bulette loves halfling meat the most, and it is never happier than when chasing plump halflings across an open field. A bulette has no lair, but roams a hunting territory up to thirty miles wide. Its sole criterion for territory is availability of food, and when it has eaten everything in an area, a bulette moves on. These creatures often home in on humanoid settlements, terrorizing them
until their panicked residents have fled, or until the bulette is slain. All creatures shun bulettes, which treat anything that moves as food- even other predators and bulettes. Bulettes come together only to mate, resulting in a bloody act of claws and teeth that usually ends with the male’s death and consumption.

Arcane Creation

Some sages believe the bulette is the result of a mad wizard ’s experiments at
crossbreeding snapping turtles and armadillos, with infusions of demon ichor. Bulettes have been thought to be extinct at different times, but after yea rs without
a sighting, the creatures inevitably reappear. Because their young a re almost never seen, some sages suspect that bulettes maintain secret nesting grounds from which adults strike out into the world.


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